Top 5 Deepest Lakes in the World


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The world has millions of lakes and found in each continent. The majority of these lakes are freshwater and lie at high altitudes in the Northern Hemisphere. These lakes in the Northern Hemisphere were formed by glaciers during the last ice age 18,000 years ago.

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1. Lake Baikal, Russia

It is the deepest continental water body with a maximum depth of 5,315 feet (1,620 m) and a total surface area of 12,200 square miles (31,500 square km).

2. Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania

The longest freshwater lake with a total length of 660 km (410 miles), it has a depth of 1,436 m (4,710 ft) at its deepest point.

3. Caspian Sea, Russia

The third deepest lake in the world with a depth of 3363 feet at the deepest point. Located east of the Caucasus Mountains and west of Central Asia

4. Lake Vostok, Antarctica

As a subglacial lake, Lake Vostok is deep and mysterious. Buried under more than 3.7 km (2 miles) of ice. 

5. Lake Bunyonyi, Uganda

The average depth of Lake Bunyonyi ranges between 144 feet (44m) and 2,952 feet (900m) at its deepest point. This makes the lake the second deepest in Africa.

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