The 5 Real Reasons Why Stars Have Different Colors


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Looking up into the dark sky at night to see all the stars when camping or in the middle of nowhere is magnificent. Have you ever seen a star shining in the night sky of a different color besides white? So why do some stars have different colors?

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Why Are Stars Different Colors?

For hundreds of years, many scientists have been fascinated by our galaxy. Many people believed that the stars we see in our sky are white because that is the color that appears to us.

Other factors that alter the color of a star

Scientists can observe and determine the color of a star by using sensitive equipment used with the telescope. This is known as spectro-analysis, which enables scientists to determine the color of a star and the elements it is made out of.

Temperature Of Stars & Their Effect on Color

We can determine how hot or cold stars are based on their colors. Cooler temperature stars radiate energy in the infrared giving off red tones in the electromagnetic spectrum.

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