23 Different Types of Bacteria


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Did you know that there are more bacteria on your tongue than there are people in this world? Or that all the bacteria in your body collectively weigh about 4 pounds? From bread and yogurt to dirt and even inside animals and humans, bacteria are literally everywhere!

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Types of Bacteria According to Shapes

Before the advent of DNA sequencing, scientists classified bacteria according to their shapes and other biochemical properties.  Learn more about the main types of bacteria based on different shapes.

Types of Bacteria According to Cell Wall Composition

Bacteria are classified into two main types depending on the results obtained when a sample of bacteria is tested by the Gram Stain Method.

Major Types of Bacteria: Actinobacteria

This phylum of thick-walled bacteria includes microorganisms that can be terrestrial as well as aquatic. Actinobacteria play a significant role in maintaining soil conditions and are, therefore, of huge importance in agriculture and forestry.

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