How Come Clouds Don’t Freeze?


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Mountaintops are often covered in snow, even in summer. We are told that this is because the higher you go, the colder it gets. This is because our atmosphere thins at higher altitudes, allowing molecules more space before they bang into one another.

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What Are Clouds Made Of?

Anybody that’s flown in an airplane knows there are not a bunch of angels using clouds as sofas. There are no birds using clouds as luxury nests, either. I

Why “Frozen Clouds” Don’t Fall Out of the Sky

A frozen cloud isn’t a solid mass, like a chunk of ice. Instead, the frozen water crystals that make up a “frozen cloud” are tiny. Like specs of dust that flit around, they are light enough to stay airborne.

Why Clouds Don’t Make the Same Snow

– Snow crystals made in temperatures of about 23F (-5C) are called columnar snow crystals and look like ice sticks.

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