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13 Different Types of Marble

Green marble stone

Marble is a metamorphic rock that usually originates as limestone or dolomite. It’s typically found among the oldest part of the Earth’s crust and among other metamorphic rocks such as gneiss and mica schist. While it’s primarily white in color, there are also marbles that come in other colors.

Marble is used in the construction of buildings. The most famous man-made structure that’s made entirely of marble is the Taj Mahal.

Arabescato Marble

Arabescato 1: an off-white and white type of marble with swirls of dark-brown and black throughout

Arabescato Arni: similar to the Arabescato 1, but the swirls are much darker in color

Arabescato Carrera: similar to the Arabescato 1, but the white and off-white parts are a little larger and look like shapes in some areas

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Arabescato Cervaiole: a softer version of the Arabescato 1

Arabescato Faniello: this version has very subtle swirls and stripes, and the off-white parts of the marble are more pronounced, showing very little, if any, white in the design

Arabescato Fantasia: more white than any other color, with subtle swirls of dark-brown and black

Arabescato Fantastico: this version is almost all off-white, almost yellow-like, and it has patches of the dark-brown color in it

Arabescato Mossa: white and off-white like the Arabescato 1, but the dark-brown and black areas are more pronounced and noticeable

Arabescato Rosso Orobico: this one is quite different from the other Arabescato versions because it is mostly light- and dark-brown, along with swirls of burgundy and black; in addition, there is very little off-white and no white in this version

Arabescato Vagli: this one is almost solid white and has swirls of black in it, giving it quite a unique look

Azul/Azzuro/Bardiglio/Beola/Nero Marbles

Azul marble

Azul Cielo: this marble is a beautiful shade of medium-blue and has white splotches throughout it

Azul Macaubas: this marble is light-blue and has dark-blue streaks throughout it

Azzuro Aquamarina: with a variegated light-blue and white design, this is a must-have for lovers of the color blue

Bardiglio Bluette: this marble has various shades of a brownish-grey, which is a beautiful and neutral color that many people love

Bardiglio Imperiale Chiaro: an almost solid brownish-grey color highlighted by subtle dark markings throughout

Bardiglio Imperiale Scuro: this marble is a dark greyish-brown color and has stripes and markings of a darker color

Bardiglio Nuvolato: this is a marble with various shades of plum and has off-white/white markings throughout it

Bardiglio Nuvolato Apuano: this one has streaks of various shades of grey and a little off-white, and it is quite an eye-catcher

Bardiglio Scuro: this marble is dark greyish-brown in color and has subtle white markings throughout it

Beola Bianca: a light brownish-white marble with darker markings that look like dots and some stripes

Beola Grigia: this one has a beige background and is covered in large and small splotches in dark-brown and black

Beola Verde: a two-toned marble with colors of brownish-gold and off-white

Nero Belgio: a solid black marble with no markings or other colors

Nero Marquina: a striking contrast of a dark-red/burgundy background and stripes and markings in white.

Bianco Carrara Marble

Bianco Carrara marble

Bianco Carrara 1: a neutral-toned marble of beige and light-brown

Bianco Carrara 2: very similar to the first one, but with a few subtle differences

Bianco Carrara 3: this marble is light-beige with very few markings on it

Bianco Carrara 4: this marble is medium-brown and has markings of a darker brown color

Bianco Carrara 5: similar to the first one, but its splotches are larger and more pronounced

Bianco Carrara C: medium-beige throughout, this marble has a few subtle streaks of a darker brown

Bianco Carrara C-D 1: this marble has medium-beige and light-beige throughout and subtle markings of a medium- to dark-brown color

Bianco Carrara C-D 2: this one is similar to C-D 1, but it is a tad darker

Bianco Carrara D: a little lighter in color, this marble has off-white and beige colors throughout, with markings of medium- to dark-brown colors

Bianco Carrara Extra: this marble is a very light off-white color and has medium-brown markings throughout it

Bianco Carrara Venato: this one is a bit different than the others, because it is a striking white color and has streaks that are dark-brown or black in color

Bianco Statuario Marble

Bianco Statuario marble

Bianco Statuario Carrara 1: a very subtle marble that is almost all white except for a few subtle markings of a medium-brown color

Bianco Statuario Carrara 2: similar to number 1, but its markings are yellow instead of brown

Bianco Statuario Extra: this marble looks similar to puffs of clouds and has an off-white color and a few medium-brown markings

Bianco Statuario Mossa: a beige marble with a few darker markings

Bianco Statuario Venato: this marble looks like cotton and is colored white with dark markings throughout

Botticino/Breccia/Calacatta Marbles

Botticino marble

Botticino Classico: in a beautiful shade of medium-brown/beige, this marble also has markings of light-yellow and medium-brown throughout

Botticino Fiorito: similar to the Classico, but the markings are larger and more pronounced

Breccia Aurora Classica: this is a very busy marble with various shades of brown, beige, off-white, and yellow

Breccia Dorada: this marble is very dark and consists of colors of dark-brown and deep-orange

Breccia Oniciata: this one consists of off-white and medium-brownish orange colors; subtle but attractive

Breccia Pernice Rossa: another busy marble with colors of dark-brown, dark-beige, chocolate-brown, and a little bit of off-white

Calacatta: a beautiful, neutral-toned marble of off-white and markings of medium- to dark-brown

Calacatta Crestola Tedeschi 1: another neutral-toned marble of off-white with markings of medium-brown and black

Calacatta Crestola Tedeschi 2: similar to Tedeschi 1, except this one’s markings are a little darker

Calacatta Fantasia: an off-white marble with markings of a dark-brown/black color

Calacatta Grey: a greyish-white marble with light-brown, very subtle markings throughout

Calacatta Imperiale: this marble is off-white, medium-brown, and has streaks of a darker color throughout it

Calacatta Oro: a subtle marble with a whitish-beige color and medium-brown markings

Calacatta Vagli: a unique marble; this one is a medium-brown and has splotches that are quite large and circular, and lighter in color than the background

Calacatta Vagli Extra: this one is similar to the Vagli, but it is dark-brown in color

Calacatta Vagli Rosata: a unique mixture of medium-brown and off-white colors with splotches of dark-brown/black throughout it

Cremo/Duchesso/Emperator/Fior di Pesco/Fosile/Grigio Marbles

Fior Di Pesco marble

Cremo Delicato: this marble has a yellow-beige color and sporadic dark-beige streaks throughout it

Cremo Delicato Tedeschi: this one is almost solid in color and is a mixture of beige and off-white

Duchesso Grigia: a very dark marble with colors that include dark-brown and squiggles of other shades of beige and brown

Duchesso Rosata: a marble almost bright in color, it consists of colors such as burgundy and dark-brown, with hints of olive-green and off-white

Emperador Chiaro: a very busy marble, it consists of colors of various shades of brown

Emperador Scuro: a very attractive marble, it is solid black in color with streaks and blotches of beige and off-white

Fior di Pesco Carnico: this marble consists of beautiful shades of greyish-brown and off-white

Fior di Pesco Classico: this one has many different colors in it, including dark-brown, burnt-orange, olive-green, and off-white

Fossile Marrone: this one has various shades of burgundy and dark-brown, and it has many other colors as well

Fossile Nero: with odd shapes that look similar to cones, this marble has colors like dark-brown, beige, and off-white

Grigio Carnico: this marble has two colors – a deep brownish-purple and off-white streaks

Grigio Fumo: this one has various shades that include dark-brown, medium-brown, black, and off-white

Grigio Garfagnana: another busy marble, its colors include purple, off-white, white, and a dark-brown/black color

Miscellaneous Types of Marble

Miscellaneous marble

Afyon: a marble with streaks of orange, yellow, and off-white throughout

Amarello: a beautiful marble in a bright-orange color with subtle yellow markings

Aurisina Fiorita: a busy marble with colors that include brown, beige, off-white, and touches of black

Black Efes: a marble with a lot of different colors, including medium-brown, dark-brown, light-green, and black

Blue Tedeschi: this marble has a bluish-black background and splotches of off-white and medium-brown

Chocolat: a chocolate-brown marble with splotches of other shades of brown and dark-purple

Cipollino Apuano: this marble has subtle streaks of various shades of green and is a real eye-catcher

Cloudy Green: this one has subtle streaks of black, dark-green, and off-white

Crema Valencia: this marble is colored medium- and dark-orange, and it has streaks of a very dark-orange throughout

Cristal White: a beautiful marble in a very light beige

Dorato Velmalenco: an unusual mix of large splotches of black and off-white

Filetto Rosso: a marble with a subtle orange color and sporadic dark-orange streaks throughout it

Giallo di Siena: in various shades of bright-cold, this is a beautiful marble to enjoy

Gris Siboney: resembling an X-ray of a bone, this marble is a mixture of black and off-white, with both colors showing equal representation

Italian Rose: a beautiful dark-red marble with dark-brown stripes throughout it

Macchia Vecchia: a very busy marble with colors that include burgundy, purplish-brown, medium-brown, olive-green, and off-white

Napoleon: a marble consisting of various shades of brown and beige

Paonazzetto: a beautiful marble with a background of whitish-yellow, it has dark streaks throughout in colors such as dark-brown and black

Porfido Valcamonica: this marble looks like a beautiful starry night because it is solid black in the background and contains streaks and small markings of white

Quarzite Rosa: a marble with subtle shades of colors such as orange and dark-yellow; it is a true eye-catcher

Salome: this one has beautiful colors that include brownish-grey, burgundy, and a burnt-orange color

Moncervetto/Noisette/Palissandro/Peperino/Serizzo/Serpeggiante Marbles

Moncervetto Chiaro: looking almost like a chart in a biology class, this marble is greyish-white in color and has small splotches of black

Moncervetto Scuro: this marble has colors such as dark-brown and streaks of off-white throughout it

Noisette Fleury: a very busy marble, it has colors that include burgundy, medium-brown, off-white, and a few others

Noisette Fleury Classico: similar to the regular Fleury, but the splotches are more pronounced

Noisette Fleury Grigio: a brownish-burgundy marble with thick and thin streaks of a light beige

Palissandro Blue Nuvolato: a dark brownish-grey marble with thick streaks of off-white that seem to have shapes of their own

Palissandro Bluette: a medium greyish-brown marble with large splotches of off-white and medium-brown

Palissandro Classico: a subtle, neutral-toned marble that is yellowish-beige in color and has subtle markings of a darker color

Palissandro Oniciato: this marble has large streaks of colors such as medium-brown, off-white, and dark-brown

Peperino Grigio: a light-brown marble with pronounced dots of dark-brown, although the dots are not in perfectly round shapes

Peperino Rosso: this is a dark marble in colors such as dark burgundy-brown and black markings throughout

Serizzo Monterosa: a black marble with large off-white splotches; very eye-catching and unique

Serizzo Valmasino: another black marble, but the off-white markings are smaller and more subtle

Serpeggiante Righina: another wood-like marble, it has subtle streaks throughout and is a medium-brown color

Serpeggiante Silvabella Classico: similar to the Righina, but a little lighter in color

Serpeggiante Trani 1: similar to the Righina, but the brown has a subtle red tone to it

Perlato/Perlino/Portoro/Pietra Marbles

Perlino marble

Perlato Blue Mediterraneo: another busy marble, this one has colors of off-white and medium-beige with markings of a darker color throughout

Perlato Fiorito: a very light-beige marble with subtle markings in off-white

Perlato Malta: similar to the Fiorito, but there is no off-white, and the markings are a bit darker than the rest of the marble

Perlato Olimpo Venato: with a look similar to wood and vertical in design, this marble is in various shades of brown and has off-white markings throughout

Perlato Royal: this marble is brownish-grey in color and has large markings of off-white trimmed in dark-brown

Perlato Sicilia: a busy marble with colors that include yellowish-beige and numerous medium-brown markings

Perlato Suevo: this marble is almost completely medium-brown but has subtle shadings of light-beige

Perlino Bianco: a whitish-light yellow color with sporadic and light markings of a medium-brown

Perlino Rosato: this one is a beautiful shade of orange with darker-orange markings throughout

Pietra Dorata: another marble with the look of wood, this one has medium-brown color and darker markings throughout

Pietra Etrusca: this one is almost entirely a deep brownish-burgundy color and very subtle, almost non-existent markings

Pietra Maremma: an off-white and beige marble with the two colors almost blending together

Pietra Serena: a marble with medium-brown and dark-beige colors throughout

Portoro Extra: with a look that seems to celebrate Halloween, this marble is a deep-black and has sporadic markings in bright-orange and white

Rosa Marble

Rosa marble

Rosa Atlantide: a beautiful marble in beige with irregular stripes that are burgundy or dark-brown in color

Rosa Egeo: with a vertical design in a soft pinkish-white/light-brown color, it is good for those who prefer more subtle types of marble

Rosa Estramoz: a mostly off-white/light-beige type of marble with very subtle splotches of a darker brown color

Rosa Norvegia: this type of marble is a bit darker, with colors that include dark- and light-peach, as well as small designs in off-white or white

Rosa Orchidea: with no off-white or white colors, this marble is dark- and light-peach and has subtle and irregular dark-brown or black stripes throughout it

Rosa Portogallo 1: in dark- and light-peach, as well as a yellowish-beige color, it is one type of marble that truly stands out

Rosa Portogallo 2: this marble is off-white in color and has medium-brown streaks throughout it

Rosa Portogallo 3: this marble has a color of a peachy-orange and consists of dark-brown streaks throughout the design

Rosa Portogallo Salmone: a dark type of marble colored in a dark peachy-brown color, it also consists of some brown splotches throughout it

Rosso Marble

Rosso Alicante: a beautiful dark brownish-peach color with blotches of off-white and dark-brown throughout it

Rosso Antico D’Italia: this marble is a chocolate-brown/burgundy color with splotches of a greyish-brown and off-white colors

Rosso Bilbao: an interesting type of marble, this one is also chocolate-brown/burgundy in color, but its splotches of off-white and greyish-brown are larger than in the Rosso Antico D’Italia

Rosso Collemandina: this marble has very few variations and consists of a deep-orange/brown color with scattered stripes of a deep-orange color

Rosso Conchiglia: this one has several different colors, including deep-orange/brown, orange, and off-white, and seems to have numerous splotches and swirls of various colors throughout it; it is a very busy type of marble

Rosso Francia: this marble almost resembles a pumpkin, with deep-orange coloring and off-white splotches that look like mouths and eyes in some places

Rosso Laguna: this type of marble is almost solid deep-orange/brown in color and has subtle stripes of brown throughout it

Rosso Lepanto: this one contrasts beautifully because it consists of a deep-brown color with irregular off-white swirls throughout it

Rosso Levanto: similar to the Lepanto, but it has more swirls of off-white included

Rosso Ramello: this marble is a deep-orange/brown color and has lighter orange splotches that almost look like distinct shapes

Rosso Verona: this one is similar to the Ramello, but the splotches aren’t as pronounced and are slightly darker in color

Travertino Marble

Travertino marble

Travertino Bianco Michelangelo: an eye-catching marble in a distinct shade of yellow and subtle scratch-like marks in a darker shade of yellowish-orange

Travertino Noce: with various shades of orange and dark-yellow throughout it, it almost has a layered look and includes some dark-brown marks throughout

Travertino Ondulato: this marble has shades of light- and medium-yellow/beige and some subtle streaks of a light brown

Travertino Oniciato Chiaro Venato: in various shades of beige and brown, this marble has subtle marks of dark-brown throughout it

Travertino Oniciato Scuro Venato: a very attractive marble, this one has a brownish-orange color and very small markings of dark-brown

Travertino Osso: quite different than the others, this marble is a beautiful yellowish-beige and is very subtle but very attractive

Travertino Rosso Persiano (Soraya): in a beautiful dark-red color and small light markings throughout, this marble is quite striking

Travertino Scabas Rosa: this marble has many different colors in it, but the main colors are beige, subtle orange, and dark-yellow

Travertino Scuro Noce: with many shades of brown in it, it has markings of dark-yellow and orange throughout it

Travertino Scuro Stuccato: this marble looks like it has layers, and the colors included are black, chocolate-brown, and a medium-brown color

Travertino Silver: despite its name, this marble is a silvery-beige color with swirls of beige and brown throughout it

Travertino St. Peter Classico: this marble is all dark, in colors of various shades of brown and beige

Travertino St. Peter Dark: similar to the Classico, but the colors are much darker

Travertino St. Peter Light: this marble has colors that are medium-beige and medium-brown

Verde Marble

Verde marble

Verde Acceglio: this marble consists of dark- and medium-olive green and white stripes and subtle markings throughout

Verde Aver: this marble consists of a dark grass-green color and white markings throughout

Verde Guatemala: variegated colors that include various shades of green and white splotches throughout

Verde Issorie: a medium-green marble with white markings throughout; it almost looks like a map of the mountains

Verde Laguna: this marble is a brownish-olive green color and has tiny markings of white throughout it

Verde Malachite: this one is bright-green in color and has subtle markings of dark-green and off-white

Verde Oriente: this one is dark-green, almost black in color, and has markings of light-green throughout it

Verde Patrizia: this one has a green color that is so dark it looks black, and it has markings of a little lighter color throughout it

Verde St. Denis Classico: this marble has very pronounced colors of dark- and light-green, making it easy to notice

Verde St. Denis Moderno: a variegated marble with dark- and medium-green colors, as well as markings of a light-green color

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