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37 of the Best Online Art Stores

Art canvas along with a mini shopping cart filled with art tools.

While it is still best to shop for art materials in a physical store, finding art supplies online won’t harm either. You would actually appreciate its convenience since you can look at them in the comfort of your abode. Another advantage is if you can’t find a specific item in one store, it is easier to hop to another and you can even compare prices without anyone bothering you.

Thing is if you’re not sure whether which ones are legit, you might have stumbled upon your list and just decide to go outside and look for an actual store. Fret not. We give you a bunch of lists where you can find a wide selection of art supplies from reputable online stores.

List of Online Art Stores

Art tools panorama including sketchbook, brushes, paints, palette, and pastels.1. Jerry’s Artarama: Founded in 1968 by Jerry Goldstein, Jerry’s Artarama is known for selling art supplies at as much as 75% off of warehouse prices. They are family owned and operated and specialize in custom framing and art supplies.

2. Michaels: Michaels is the largest supplier of specialty arts and crafts in North America. They have more than 1,200 stores in operation in forty nine states and Canada, as well as a fully functioning website.

Note: This post may contain affiliate links which will take you to online retailers that sell products and services. If you click on one and buy something, I may earn from qualifying purchases. See my Affiliate Disclosure for more details.

3. Aaron Brothers: Aaron Brothers is a partner company to Michaels. They are an online art retailer specializing in custom framing of artists’ art, mirrors, and cork boards.

4. Consumer Crafts: Another Michaels affiliate, Consumer Crafts is an online craft retailer selling everything an artist needs, from art supplies, lighting, knitting supplies, and holiday-themed crafts.

5. Hobby Lobby: Founded in 1972 by David and Barbara Green, Hobby Lobby is an arts and crafts store with strong Christian foundations. Today there are over 800 Hobby Lobby stores across the country, making Hobby Lobby the largest privately owned arts and crafts retailer in the world.

6. Amazon: Although not a strictly arts and crafts store, sells thousands of different arts and crafts supplies from thousands of different suppliers.

7. Amazon: Wal-Mart’s online site has a dedicated arts and crafts section with affordable supplies for artists of all ages and levels of expertise.

8. Kmart: Although many of their physical locations have closed over the past few years, they still have a great website that sells many different items, including art supplies and crafts.

9. Arteza: Arteza is an online art supply retailer run by artists. Their goal is to make quality art supplies available to artists of every budget.

10. Blick: Dick Blick first began Blick with an orderable catalog in 1911. Since then, Blick has become a well-known art supply store which carries over 90,000 products on its website. They scour websites to find the lowest prices and have a price match guarantee if a customer finds a lower advertised price.

11. Joann: Now known as the leading fabric and crafts store, Joann started out as a single store in Cleveland, Ohio in 1943. Joann not only sells arts and crafts supplies; they offer instructional classes as well.

12. Blitsy: Blitsy is an arts and crafts store based out of Chicago. They sell art supplies, party supplies, writing supplies, and more.

13. Oriental Trading Company: Oriental Trading Company is an online site that sells many different types of items. It is a great place for buying arts and crafts supplies in bulk or semi-bulk.

14. CreateForLess: CreateForLess is an online arts and crafts retailer that sells over 70,000 brand name art supplies.

15. Utrecht Art: Utrecht Art dates back to 1949 and has been part of the art community ever since. In 2013, they were purchased by Blick, but they still retain the Utrecht name. They sell both name brand art supplies as well as their own brand.

16. Artist and Craftsman Supply: This company was founded in 1985 in Portland, Maine. In 2009, the President at the time sold 48% of the company to its employees, and ever since, it has been marketed as “An Employee Owned Company.”

17. Ooly: Since 2005, Ooly has been known for their beautiful and colorful art supplies. They sell art, craft, and writing supplies for artists of all ages and mediums.

18. Simon Says Stamp: This company has been in business since 2002, and its main focus is on stamps and stamping, but it sells other supplies as well, such as inks, paints, stencils, and brushes, just to name a few. They stock tens of thousands of supplies in their warehouses and are known for their fast shipping and good deals.

Artistic equipment such as paint, brushes and art palette on a wooden table.19. Craftsy: Craftsy is a bit different from the rest of the websites on this list because it is not actually an arts and crafts supply store. Instead, it is online store that sells classes – classes on how to quilt, how to knit, how to draw, paint, et cetera. If you are a budding artist who needs some inspiration, check out these classes.

20. Papermart: Papermart is an online retailer of paper-based art supplies, such as ribbon, boxes, bags, tape, and holiday-themed crafting supplies.

21. Etsy: Etsy is an amazing online shop that features thousands of artists from all over selling their art as well as the supplies they use to make it. This website features some of the most unique art for sale on the market today, and it is personally one of my favorite places to go for gifts.

22. Factory Direct Craft: Factory Direct Craft, or FDC, is known for sneaking in some amazingly little fun surprises along with the more common art supplies. Along with buttons, bags, and beads, this website also boasts ceiling tiles, barn stars, pumps, lids, and textiles.

23. Discount School Supply: Discount School Supply is famous for its 110% low-price guarantee. It is also a great site to visit to find traditional art supplies for school-aged children.

24. Stubby Pencil Art Studio: Another great website to visit for children’s art supplies is Stubby Pencil Art Studio. They were founded in 2006 by Kate Rosenthal, and they are famous for their eco-friendly art supplies. The company’s mission is to raise awareness that their items, while just as good as other arts and crafts supplies, are also good for the Earth. They are also open to ideas and suggestions for new products from their customers.

25. Nasco: Nasco was founded in 1941 by Norman Eckley, a vocational agricultural teacher. They sell art supplies both small and large, and their focus is on supplies for school-aged children, teens, and college artists.

26. The Crafts Shop Online: Another resource for buying basic art supplies for school-aged children is The Crafts Shop Online, which was launched in 2002. They sell discount art supplies online, and their home office is located in Brooklyn.

27. Kohl’s: Although known more for their clothes and household items, Kohl’s also has a decent selection of art supplies. You can purchase them in their stores or through their website.

28. Stuff4Crafts: Stuff4Crafts is an online retailer that sells craft supplies for scrapbookers, needle artists, painters, sketch artists, and more. They also have school and office supplies and art supplies for school-aged children.

29. Fishpond: Fishpond has shops in three countries – the United States, New Zealand, and Australia. The company sells over twenty-five million products, including a very extensive arts and crafts section.

30. Online Crafts Store: Online Crafts Store is an online arts and crafts retailer that sells everything from beads to baskets, candles to ceramics, general art to glass art, and more. They have a very comprehensive list of art supplies for every possible medium.

31. S&S Worldwide: S&S Worldwide has been in business since 1906. They have a functional website, an orderable catalogue, and wholesale dealers. They sell art and art supplies, as well as party supplies, gifts and novelties, and educational supplies. They also have a 100% guarantee on their products.

32. Kit Kraft: Kit Kraft has been selling art supplies since 1946. They are known for their bulk discounts and quick shipping. They are based out of the Los Angeles area, but their online shop ships its products all over the world.

33. Kole Imports: Kole Imports has been serving artists for the last thirty years. They are based out of Carson, California, but their online site sells items to artists all over the world. They also work with such big named retailers as Staples, Wal-Mart, Goodwill, Groupon, and Kroger.

34. Darice: Darice is another online retailer that sells arts and crafts supplies through their website and through a catalogue. They sell basic art supplies, but they also have an extensive collection of holiday themed crafting supplies. They are based out of Ohio, and they have a popular blog called their Live.Craft.Love. blog. The link for this blog can be found on their website.

35. Novo Natural: Novo Natural is a toy and crafts retailer that markets products to kids and their parents. They have many different art supplies, but they are quite famous for their dolls. They sell many different types of dolls, both pre-made and customizable.

36. Specialty Bottle: Specialty Bottle is another odd one to add to the list, but it is, in fact, an art supply store, but for one very specific type of art supplies. Specialty Bottle specializes in, you guessed it! Bottles! They have hundreds of different styles, colors, and types of bottles made from all different types of materials. It is the perfect site for any bottle-type supplies you might need.

37. Paper Source: Paper Source is the go-to site for all types of paper crafting and art supplies. It has everything a paper-lover could possibly need.