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Could A Spinosaurus Actually Kill A T-Rex?

The Spinosaurus was a giant, meat-eating dinosaur with a fierce attitude and sharp claws. The T-Rex was an apex predator with powerful legs and tremendous strength, and intelligence to boot. These two dinosaurs were mighty creatures that dominated their territories and sent other dinosaurs running for their lives. With their herculean builds and each having sizable weapons, could a Spinosaurus actually kill a T-Rex?

The Spinosaurus would not have been able to kill a T-Rex, although it would be a tough fight. The Spinosaurus was larger, but the T-Rex was stronger and had an immense bite force that was much greater than a Spinosaurus’s bite. The T-Rex was also faster and more intelligent than the Spinosaurus. 

We know that the T-Rex was faster, stronger, and more intelligent than the Spinosaurus, but what other advantages did it have over the Spinosaurus? And would these two brawny creatures have actually met in real life, or is it something that could only happen in the movies?

Could A Spinosaurus Kill A T-Rex?

The Spinosaurus was a formidable and terrifying creature and was known as the largest carnivore to ever walk the earth, even bigger than the T-Rex. They were great predators and easily dominated their prey with their razor-sharp teeth and powerful arms armed with long claws. However, even though it is bigger in size, a Spinosaurus was no match for the great and mighty T-Rex.  

Even though the Spinosaurus was bigger and weighed more than the T-Rex, the T-Rex was more robust and had a great deal more strength than the Spinosaurus. In a straight-up fight, the T-Rex would win, although it would be a tough fight.

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There might have been certain situations in which the Spinosaurus could gain the upper hand and might have killed a T-Rex, for example, if the Spinosaurus ambushed the T-Rex from water and the T-Rex was unaware of the Spinosaurus being there. 

If the Spinosaurus could have pulled off this kind of attack, then it may have had a chance, but this is unlikely. The T-Rex was a highly intelligent animal that was designed to be an efficient hunting machine and was able to take down prey much larger than itself. 

It had great eyesight and fine-tuned, an acute sense of smell, so the Spinosaurus probably would not have been able to ambush it. And if it did manage to sneak up on the T-Rex successfully, the T-rex would have probably been able to match it in the fight and, at some point, gaining the upper hand and chasing the Spinosaurus off.

The only time the Spinosaurus would have stood a chance would be if it managed to get in a lucky first bite in the initial attack.

Let us take a trip back through the mists of time and have a look at the characteristics of each dinosaur so we can compare the two and you can see the difference between the strength of the Spinosaurus and the T-Rex.

Comparisons Between A Spinosaurus And A T-Rex

There are many differences between a Spinosaurus and a T-Rex. Each had massive advantages over its prey, however in this instance, as we are comparing the Spinosaurus and the T-Rex, the T-Rex had multiple advantages over the Spinosaurus.

Size Of Each Dinosaur 

As mentioned earlier, the Spinosaurus was the largest carnivorous dinosaur. There have been many specimens of the Spinosaurus’s skeletons that have been found; these have made the estimates that we have of the Spinosaurus’s size. 

The average size that we currently have is that this dinosaur was 53 feet (16 meters) long and about 23 feet (7 meters) high. The Spinosaurus also weighed about 31000 lbs (13 tons). 

The T-Rex, on the other hand, was a bit smaller than this, coming in at around 46 feet (12 meters) in length and 21 feet (6 meters) in height. The T-Rex weighed about 24000 – 28000 lbs (10 – 12 tons).

As you can see, the Spinosaurus was much larger than the T-Rex.

Physical Characteristics

The Spinosaurus had a head much like a crocodile; it had a long skull that had a narrow snout. They usually walked on all four legs but occasionally walked only on two; they could run about 21 mph. They had tall spines that grew from their backs; these are known as sails. 

The T-Rex lived in a humid tropical climate

The Spinosaurus’s teeth were cone-like and were about 11 inches (27 cm) long, with a bite force of about 6500 lbs (2950 kg)

The Spinosaurus had two large arms that had sharp claws to rip at their prey’s flesh. This dinosaur had a long tail that was slightly flexible; they could have used it in fights, although we are not entirely sure. 

The T-Rex had a short, muscular neck and a huge head. The T-Rex had two very powerful legs and was bipedal (walked on two legs) and could run about 22mph. This dinosaur had a large muscular tail that helped it to move quickly through its habitat and helped them with its balance. The T-Rex had two small arms that had two clawed fingers on each arm.

These claws were extremely sharp and could rip through flesh easily. The teeth of the T-Rex were about 12 inches (30 cm) long. They were serrated and got replaced continuously, so they always had sharp teeth to use. The T-Rex had a bite force of about 12000 lbs (5450 kg).

As we can see, the T-Rex had a bigger bite force and bigger teeth compared to the Spinosaurus, and the T-Rex was faster too.

Diet Of Each Dinosaur

The Spinosaurus ate meat and did hunt, but the Spinosaurus also ate a lot of fish and aquatic creatures too. They were tremendous hunters on both land and in water.

The T-Rex ate meat and did not generally eat any aquatic creatures unless they washed up onto land. There is also some debate among paleontologists as to if the T-Rex was actually a predator or if it purely scavenged the land.

Habitat Where They Lived

The Spinosaurus lived in climates that were hot and humid, and mainly around coastal regions and swamps where they could hunt for fish and other aquatic creatures that made up a part of their diet. The Spinosaurus dinosaurs were great swimmers and could hunt exceptionally well in water. 

Spinosaurus fossils have been found in the North African regions of Morocco and Egypt, so these hot equatorial climates are where they lived.

The T-Rex lived in semi-tropical climates that were humid. They lived in open forests that had rivers nearby as well as forested coastal swamps where their prey of plant-eating dinosaurs lived. They liked the seasons to be mild all year round. 

T-Rex fossils have been found in the United States, in places such as Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, South Dakota, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Montana. Some fossils have also been found in Canada.

These two dinosaurs did not live on the same continents and would not have come across each other in order to fight. 

Era When They Lived

The Spinosaurus lived in the lower Albian era to the lower Cenomanian stage, which was during the Cretaceous period. This means that the Spinosaurus lived about 112 – 97 million years ago

The T-Rex, however, was among the last species of dinosaurs that existed before the mass extinction of the dinosaurs. The T-Rex lived in the upper Cretaceous periodwhich was around 67 – 65.5 million years ago.

So, the question of if a Spinosaurus could actually kill a T-Rex is purely a hypothetical one as these two dinosaurs did not even live in the same era and would have never come into contact with each other.

Given that they lived in different times and on different continents, these two giants would have never been able to test their strength against each other to find out which one would be the ultimate predator.


These two dinosaurs were from two different eras, and even if they lived at the same time, they lived on separate continents, so the great fight between the Spinosaurus and the T-Rex would have never happened in real life.

Although, in this hypothetical scenario, the T-Rex would have won the fight. The Spinosaurus was a bigger dinosaur, but the T-Rex was more robust and faster than the Spinosaurus, and it had a more potent bite force. The Spinosaurus would not have a chance if pitted against the mighty T-Rex.

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