Different Types of Snails

6 Different Types of Snails (Plus Interesting Facts) Nayturr


Snails are mollusks that belong to the Gastropoda class. They have about 43,000 species categorized into land snails, sea snails, and freshwater snails. Depending on their habitat and species, snails can survive about one to three years or even up to 25 years.

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Apple Snail

When it comes to freshwater aquariums, this is one of the most popular types of snails to purchase. It comes in a wide variety of colors, including gold, blue, and even tiger.


Garden Snail

Also known as Helix aspersa, the garden snail is very well known and has also been called the European Brown Garden snail. It is a common snail in Europe and other parts of the world, and it causes a lot of damage to numerous plants and crops.


Giant African Land Snail

Getting up to almost eight inches in length, the Giant African Land snail is one of the world’s largest terrestrial gastropods. Their shells are light to dark brown in color and usually have dark brown vertical stripes on them.


Mediterranean Green Snail

These snails can get up to nearly five inches in length, and they have only been around since the 1980s. It was established in Western Australia, and it eats a wide range of plants, including cereal crops, pasture grasses, and leafy vegetables.


Orchid Snail

These are a very small species of snails, and they get their name because of their preference for destruction in greenhouses and in orchards. It has a shell that is a reddish-brown color, but the animal itself is a bluish color.

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