Types of Opals


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Opal is one of the most breathtakingly beautiful gemstones in the world. The striking opal is known to form from the rain. While there isn’t a common consensus on how opals are created, many like to believe that these precious gemstones are formed by rain.

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Types of Opals

Black Opal

“Black Opal” is a type of opal that has a dark black or gray body color. The term is also used for opals that come in dark blue or green body tone.  There is a small but famous town in Australia – Lightning

Koroit Opal

Koroit Opal is a type of opal that is popular for its exquisite ironstone that consists of gorgeous patterns and different hues. They are also larger in size and more valuable than any other kind of commonly-available opal.

Ethiopian Opals

Ethiopia is coming on as the second most dominant force in the opal market. The most appealing factor about Ethiopian opals is that they are more affordable than Australian opals and have the same quality wise as of Australian opals.

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