Three Types of Forests  (and Why They Are Important)


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Did you know that the reduction of trees has caused a significant decrease in our forest’s total area? Forest denudation has given way to civilization. It also stripped the Earth naked.

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Tropical Forests

The luscious evergreens define the tropical forests. These types of forests are present in equatorial regions. They receive plenty of rainfall and humidity. The temperature in tropical forests ranges from 20 to 25°C. It changes with approximately 5° temperature deviation during the wet and dry seasons.

Temperate Forests

Temperate forests survive a moderate climate and a brief period of frost. It clearly defines the four changing seasons. These types of forests paint the fall with brilliant colors. They also give way to the snowy white winters.

Boreal Forest

The boreal forest also provides man with necessities and food from fishing and hunting. Moose, bears, caribou, wolves, and bison are a few examples of animals living in the taiga.

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