How Are Stars Formed? A Detailed Explanation


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The stars and night sky have captivated human’s throughout history.  And the fascination with how stars are formed is one that most of us have probably had at some point in our lifetime.

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What are Stars?

The history of human understanding of star formation has been a varied one full of theory, myth and legend, where the narrative of stars has been entwined in people’s search for meaning.

Observations & Studies of Star Formation

In 1584, Giordano proposed the formations of millions of new stars and planetary systems similar to our own. Without the aid of modern technology, he correctly theorized the existences and dynamic interactions between stars and planetary systems.

Studying Gaseous Interstellar Clouds & Nebulae

Perhaps you’re wondering why we need to study interstellar clouds. After all, these clouds are not stars; they don’t emit light, they only reflect it, and there is no nuclear activity within a cloud’s core!

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