Different Types of Geodes


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Geode is a Greek word that means ‘earth-like’ or the shape of the earth. Often considered as treasure houses of energy, geodes appear like druzy stones. Geodes are thought to possess superior strength, connecting with the gravity, earth, and water around you.

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How Are Geodes Formed?

According to Roddy Sue Behmer, a retired earth science teacher, geodes are formed through two main processes. The first process is similar to fossilization. As water deposits minerals, they seep through the tiny cavities of porous rocks and transform into crystals as the water dries out.

Where Are Geodes Located?

Geodes are found in multiple locations across the US. Some of the states where they’re widely located are Ohio, Missouri, Utah, Iowa, Kentucky, and Indiana.

Healing Powers of Geodes

Geodes are popularly considered as excellent healing sources in energy works owing to their extraordinary metaphysical properties. In ancient times, sealed geodes used to be auctioned and handed over to the highest bidder. It was only after the completion of the bid that it was broken to reveal the dynamic crystals in the hollow cavity.

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