Can There Be Such a Thing as a Hollow Planet?


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Planets come in a wide variety of sizes and types. From ones made up of gas or frozen balls, to our own world brimming with life. It feels like the options are endless. For example, can there be such a thing as a hollow planet?

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The Belief in Hollow Planets

It isn’t strange to wonder about hollow planets. This belief has existed almost as long as humans.

Planets and Sir Isaac Newton.

The forming planet keeps swirling, and the gravity produces a magnetic field, protecting the planet and preventing the atmosphere from drifting into the universe. The basis of this belief is found in Newton’s theory.

Newton’s Shell Theorem

Using a lot of calculus, Newton proved that any object in the center of a hollow shell (like a hollow planet) would be weightless. This is because the force acting on the object doesn’t come from what is above it but the force acting below it.

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