Can Lobsters Be Pets?

Can Lobsters Be Pets? If So, Which Ones? Plus Cost, Care, Fun Facts, Etc. Nayturr


Lobsters can be kept as pets.  However, not all lobsters do well outside their natural habitat. 


You want to pick a pet-friendly breed because while it is customary to keep lobsters in a tank as you wait to cook them, most lobsters will not survive long term out of their natural habitat.

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Lobster Species That Do Well as Pets

Lobster Species That Do Well as Pets

1. Blue Spiny Lobster 2. Spiny Lobster 3. Electric Blue Crayfish


Blue Spiny Lobster

The Blue Spiny Lobster tends to grow up to 14inches (35.5cm); some said to reach even 24 inches (60.9 cm). But this lobster variety is pretty and has its dedicated fans.


Spiny Lobster

There are over 20 varieties of Spiny Lobsters.  The lack of claw is said to make them a “peaceful” choice. They range in size, some varieties as small as 1-2 inches (2.5-5 cm) to the hefty 24 inches (60.9 cm).

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