Can a Planet Become a Star?


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A planet can’t become a star. That is unless you classify brown dwarfs as planets. Technically, brown dwarfs are neither a planet nor a star, and will never become a star due to lack of fusion.

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How a Planet is Formed

Scientists agree that planets begin as a disk of gas and dust that swirls around a newborn star. Eventually, this swirling disk becomes a planet.

How a Star is Formed

To understand how a star is born, we go back to dust. This dust is found in a cloud called a nebula that also contains hydrogen, helium, and other ionized gases.

How a Brown Dwarf is Formed

A brown dwarf at its largest will only have half as much mass as our Sun. This lack of mass prevents the brown dwarf from igniting, starting the process of fusion. They get hot, but not hot enough.

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