9 Different Types of Fossils


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Did you know that a single preserved bone from ancient civilizations can give you quite an insight about almost the entirety of that particular civilization? Along with genetics, fossils have proven to be one of the most useful ways to learn about the great history of life on earth.

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9 Different Types of Fossils

Mold Fossils

A mold fossil is kind of like an impression that is made in the substrate. They are quite similar to the negative impressions left by an animal or a plant.  Mold fossils are primarily formed through a process called ‘leaching.’

Cast Fossils

Cast fossils leave an imprint in the rock or sediment and go a single step further than the mold fossils.

Trace Fossils

These fossils are also called ‘ichnofossils,’ and they contain any potential information or traces left behind by the organism.

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