18 Best Reptiles To Keep As Pets


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If you’re looking to have a reptile as a pet, check out our list of 18 of the best reptiles to keep as pets, along with some useful information about each one.

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Leopard Gecko

A leopard gecko is a lizard. They are yellowish with black spots on them. Leopard geckos are easy to keep, and they don’t bite. They don’t move very fast.

Bearded Dragon

Bearded dragons are popular pets. They become very tame and like to come out of their cages. They often sit on their owner’s shoulders, and some of them even learn to walk on a leash.

Crested Gecko

Crested geckos have spiky eyebrows that make them funny and entertaining to watch. The spiky eyebrows are spines that go from their eyes to their tails. They like to come out of their cages, and you can handle them easily.

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