12 Characteristics Amphibians Have


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Most people only think of frogs when they think of amphibians. Although frogs make up most of the amphibian group, there are two other amphibians, including salamanders and a worm-like amphibian called caecilians. Amphibians can be found on all continents in the world except for Antarctica and the Arctic.

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Characteristics of amphibians

Amphibians come in a range of sizes. The smallest is a frog known as paedophryne amanuensis from New Guinea, which is the size of a housefly.

Amphibians Live On Land And Water

The word amphibian is based on the Greek word amphibios’ which means “living a double life.” Their name, therefore, refers to an amphibian’s ability to live on land and in the water at different stages in the life cycle.

Amphibians Are Vertebrates

Vertebrates are animals that have a spine or backbone. All amphibians have spines and so are classed as vertebrates. Vertebrates have a nervous system partly enclosed in the spine and a muscular system consisting of bilateral or paired muscles.

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