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15 Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers

Woman taking care of her horse.

Have you ever wonder what to give to your friends who are crazy about horses? It might be tricky especially if you know little about their wants or needs. To help you with that, we have compiled some gifts that your horse lover friends would love. Don’t worry about the price tag. We have covered every budgets needs.

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Gifts Under $20

A Horse Throw

Western Horse Fleece Throw Blanket

Source: Collections ETC.

If you’re looking for practical, inexpensive gifts for horse lovers, a warm and cozy horse throw does the trick. A throw is a perfect way to help the horse lover in your life stay cozy and warm throughout the winter season.

After using the blanket seasonally to stay warm, your favorite horse lover will be able to use the throw as decoration by placing it on a couch or bed.

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In addition to adding horse-themed décor to the surrounding room, your gift recipient will think of you whenever he or she looks at it. Fleece, which is soft and warm, is a good choice of material.

Here’s a link to a beautiful one on Amazon.

House (or Barn) Warming Sign

You’ve probably seen signs like “Gone Riding” hanging indoor windows before, which is a telltale sign that the person involved is a true horse lover. If you’re looking for a nice, practical, and inexpensive gift for the horse lover in your life, signs are great gift ideas for horse lovers.

For a unique idea, consider a sign that says “Memories are Made on Riding Days,” which helps the horse lover on your list cherish the memories that he or she had of a most recent ride in between riding expeditions.

Whenever the horse lover sees the sign, he or she will fondly remember that you were the one who encouraged the opportunity to go for a ride whenever possible.

Etsy is an excellent site to purchase a sign like this. Here’s an example of one of many that are available on Etsy.


Floral boot socks

Source: State Line Tack

For the horse lover on your list, apparel is always a nice option. The horse fanatic never gets tired of socks, belts, scarves, and other accessories that show the world how much he or she loves horses and riding.

A practical option is socks that rise to the knee like these (Amazon link), which are perfect for wearing under riding boots in cooler weather.

Boot socks, which are tall and warm, are a fine option for keeping your rider’s toes warm. They are relatively inexpensive too. Socks are also made in fun colors and special sizes for children, which adds to their universal appeal for young riders:

Equestrian pashmina scarf

Source: State Line Tack

When your rider is out and about in town, or even riding in a show, you can present him or her with a fine belt that doubles as an equestrian accessory and a fashionable accompaniment to many outfits.

To finish an outfit, a beautiful scarf with a horse-themed decoration like this one available at Amazon makes a nice idea. You can get your favorite rider a nice equestrian-themed scarf, perhaps with horses and horseshoe decorations, to wear out on any occasion.

In addition to adding a fashionable touch to his or her wardrobe, this item reminds the world of your gift recipient’s love of horses.


Similarly to bumper stickers, ornaments are often displayed as a proud memento of their hobbies, people, animals, and places that people love most. Therefore, why not get the equestrian on your list a Christmas ornament with a horse theme?

Ornaments come in many varieties, which makes them a popular choice for a variety of personalities and home interior themes.

A festive horse ornament, which you can easily find online (check out this personalized one on Etsy), is a perfect gift for the horse lover in your life who wants a simple but meaningful reminder of a favorite hobby year after year:

Gifts Under $50


Brown leather belt

Source: State Line Tack

Belts come in a variety of materials. Leather belts, especially those with hind-end finishes and accents, add an upscale finish to your favorite horse lover’s outfit. And belts need not be big and bulky, either.

Just a simple one-inch leather belt, perhaps with a fun accent like a bit, is enough to add a subtle enhancement to any outfit while still displaying your gift recipient’s love of horses in a stylish manner. For belt gift ideas, visit this website.


Tote and duffle bag set

Source: State Line Tack

For the fashionistas on your list, a horse-themed handbag is an ultimate gift. A horse handbag is a perfect outfit accessory for any season.

Your horse lover will thank you for giving her a thoughtful and original gift that is much more original than anything that you could find in a department store!

Here’s one that’s available on Amazon that’s a really good option. A nice, sleek black handbag, perhaps accented with an equestrian logo, might be just the accessory your horse lover needs to get through an evening out in town.

If you get a larger bag, such as a tote bag, a horse lover can transport a computer, personal items, or horse accessories back and forth between town and the barn. This makes life especially convenient! A set, such as this tote and duffel bag combination, is ideal.

iPhone Case

Horse iPhone case

Source: Fine Art America

Although not as costly as horses, phones are one of the most costly expenses that people have these days. And with the variety of cases available, it’s easy for people to protect their phones and do so with a personal twist.

Fortunately, that means that there are themed cases available for horseback riders, too. You can do double duty this holiday season by buying your favorite rider a phone case that will protect her (second) most valuable accent in the event of a fall.

Gifts Under $100


Horsehoe heart trivet

Source: Fine Art America

A handmade present, such as a stone or metal trivet, is an especially thoughtful and meaningful gift that the horse lover in your life can keep for a lifetime.

A trivet, which is made of stone or metal, can easily be hung on a door, in a kitchen, in the living room, or in any other prominent location where passersby can stop to admire the spectacular beauty of such a seemingly simple, but still equally decorative, a gift from someone.

A trivet that includes a horseshoe, like this one on Etsy is ideal. A symbol of good luck, it is an especially thoughtful and appreciated gift. This gift shows that you recognize and appreciate another person’s passion, and also that you care about him or her and wish for the best in the new year.

Duffel Bag

Checkered duffel bag

Source: Fine Art America

Like tote bags, duffel bags can also be a great item to get for the equestrian fan on your list. Duffel bags are popular options because they fit a wide variety of supplies, ranging from personal accessories to horse supplies.

Duffel bags are made in a variety of materials, including quilted fabrics. They can be given as a gift independently or in conjunction with handbags, which are a more practical option if your horse lover travels light or wants to spend a fashionably-dressed evening out to dinner.

As for duffel bags, you can get one that is lined and accented with leather for a stunning combination that never goes out of style. Check this one out on Amazon with some beautiful horse artwork.

The duffel bag from this luggage collection, for instance, is a fine choice for your favorite horse rider who is always on the move and always has a number of personal belongings to carry along.

Riding Lessons

Especially appreciated by the budding horseback rider, who doesn’t appreciate a free lesson? Horseback riding lessons are a great choice for all skill levels. Lessons are great gift ideas for riders who don’t have a horse but want an opportunity to spend a little more time in the stable.

They can also help a hopeful competitor get a little bit better. The great thing about giving riding lessons (or a series of lessons) as a gift is that they never go out of fashion, and they do not conform to any specific personality or style.

Gifts Under $200

Equestrian Jewelry

Horseshoe gold necklace

Source: Isabelle Grace Jewelry

For the more sophisticated equestrian on your list, jewelry is always a good option. From bracelets to earrings and necklaces, there are many fine horse-related decorative accents that the horse lover on your list is sure to appreciate.

Etsy is a brilliant resource to find horse jewelry that suits any taste. Check out there selection here.

Jewelry is made of many different materials, including silver, copper, and even gold, which ensures a taste for all personalities. An especially thoughtful gift is jewelry made with a horseshoe, which is a symbol of good luck. The necklace or bracelet that you choose can also be personalized for your recipient.

Equestrian Fountain

Is the horse lover on your list also an avid gardener? If so, a fountain is one of the most original gift ideas for horse lovers you can get. Beautiful stone or marble fountain featuring a horse-themed silhouette is a natural addition to the stunning garden of any horse lover.

Go for a horse fountain with a visible, boldly displayed image of a horse on the front, which shows anyone who comes over how much this individual loves horses. For ideas on a natural-looking, stunning horse-themed fountain accessory to get, visit this website for thoughts.

Stable Blankets

Gray checkered stable blanket

Source: State Line Tack

Of course, your equestrian might think that his or her horse’s needs are the most important thing of all. In this case, you might be best off getting a gift for the horse rather than the rider!

A customized stable blanket, which can be customized with a person’s or a horse’s name, can be accented with a monogram or a logo for an extra-special touch. A stable blanket comes in many colors, which means that it’s suitable for use in either the barn or in shows.

A blanket that’s made of wool, such as the one at this website, keeps the horse nice and warm on cold days or in between events at shows.